Alison Bologna shares the importance of “Showing Up” in her own words

Alison Bologna shares the importance of “Showing Up” in her own words

(2019 SNE Go Red for Women Emcee Alison Bologna shares her experience in her own words in this article)

I’ve been involved with the Go Red for Women Luncheon for many years, and 2019 didn’t disappoint!


Fittingly on Valentine’s Day, more than 700 women (and men, including NBC 10’s Dan Jaehnig!) joined me, with the American Heart Association of Southern New England, to celebrate survivor stories, heart-healthy lifestyle tips and more!


This gathering, and this work, is important because it starts a conversation – but more importantly it serves as a call for action.


Anyone who knows me outside of my job anchoring NBC 10’s Sunrise Show, knows how committed I am to the concept of “showing up.”


At Shri, the yoga outreach organization I run when I’m not at NBC 10, we serve more than 8,500 students every year by “showing up” in clean, safe space to provide skilled yoga and meditation instruction. 


Before, during and after our scheduled classes, we remain present and aligned in purpose to help some of our states most vulnerable students in schools, shelters, hospitals, social service agencies (and more!) self-regulate toxic stress and achieve greater emotional and physical balance and flexibility.


  Showing Up like this is a practice anyone can achieve, and I believe such a practice is consistent with all that the American Heart Association advocates for: Improving Quality of Life, Ensuring Healthy Environments and Changing Policy.


So …. if you were among the hundreds of attendees at the luncheon on February 14, 2019 … thank YOU for showing up … and if you weren’t there this year … join us in 2020!

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