National EAT SMART Month kicks off in November

National EAT SMART Month kicks off in November

Change a little.  Change a lot.  The American Heart Association believes that everyone has a reason to live a longer and healthier life.

We are looking ahead to Eat smart during the month of November and get Healthy For Good™ with the American Heart Association.  The Healthy For Good movement is designed to inspire all Americans to live healthier lives and create lasting change.  It focuses on the idea of making small, simple changes.

The approach is simple:  Eat smart.  Add color.  Move more.  Be well.

National EAT SMART Month (November) and National EAT SMART Day on November 7 are opportunities for millions of people to kick off a healthier lifestyle, but it’s also about having fun and creating community.  National EAT SMART Month and National EAT SMART Day are national public awareness observances focusing on making small, simple changes to incorporate healthier foods into a daily diet.

The American Heart Association encourages you to raise awareness, share information and resources with your audiences, and consider holding some type of healthy foods or healthy eating activity during the month of November.

We also encourage you to visit these links to get started Eat Smart Month Resources Toolkit, Grocery Guide and the Holiday Guide 2018. 

There are also these links with more helpful tips Eat Smart Daily Tips and Eat Smart Monthly Tips.
Help create buzz and awareness with social media messages – find them here 11 Social Media Messages for NESD 2018 updated

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