Rhode Island Vote YES on 6

vote-yes-on-6-logoThe $35 million Green Economy Bond (Question 6 on the Rhode Island Ballot) will provide resources to improve our parks, bikeways, and other recreational areas; to preserve green spaces; and to clean up waterways and contaminated land for redevelopment.


The American Heart Association is excited to support the Green Economy Bond because it invests in the health of our communities.  Significant funding for parks, bikeways and recreation will help support more livable and active communities for children, families and residents of the Ocean State!


Did you know?

  • Research indicates that building bike and pedestrian trails reduces health care costs associated with physical inactivity.  For every dollar invested in building trails, nearly three dollars in medical cost savings may be achieved.
  • People who have parks or recreational facilities nearby and live in communities with well-connected streets exercise much more than those who do not have easy access.
  • Environments that are safe and built with walking, biking and other physical activities in mind are correlated with lower body weights and reduced cardiovascular disease.
  • Community-based physical activity interventions are cost-effective, reducing new cases of many chronic diseases and improving quality of life.

How you can help:

Cast your vote on November 8th!  Be sure to VOTE YES ON QUESTION 6 – THE GREEN ECONOMY BOND.  Need information on how, when and where to vote?  Visit the Secretary of State’s website at http://www.sos.ri.gov/divisions/Elections/upcoming-election/Upcoming-elections-center.

Please spread the word far and wide – tell your family and friends to VOTE YES ON 6 – THE GREEN ECONOMY BOND! Use our hashtag on social media: #YesOn6RI

Learn more about the GREEN ECONOMY BOND at: http://www.yeson6ri.com

Contact us: Connect with [email protected] or 401-228-2331. Add your voice as an advocate for the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association at  www.YouretheCure.org.


Download our flyers below and help spread the word!

Q6 Flyer – Senior Couple with Dog

Q6 Flyer – Family in the Ferns

Q6 Flyer – Family of Four

Q6 Flyer – Family on Bikes



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