5 Road Trip Exercises to Stay Active on Vacation

5 Road Trip Exercises to Stay Active on Vacation

Summer is a great time for taking a road trip.  But road trips can also mean unhealthy snacks, fast food stops and long periods of sitting still. So, is it possible to stay healthy on the go?  With a few tweaks to your packing and planning, any road trip can be more active!

Check out these 5 road trip exercises to stay active on the go:

  1. Park and walk. It’s very likely that you will need to take a rest stop at some point in your trip. Instead of parking close to the building, park farther away and walk.  The extra steps will add up and you will also feel more alert when getting back on the road. No caffeine needed!
  2. Roadside lunges. We’re not suggesting you pull over on the highway for a workout, but if you stop at a safe area, like a rest stop or park, try doing some walking lunges.
  3. Gas station jumping jacks. When stopping for gas, get out and do jumping jacks as the tank fills. Don’t stop until the gas tank hits full.
  4. Stair pit stop. If you’re heading to the Jersey Shore, plan a pit stop at one of our famous lighthouses. Take the stairs all the way to the top for some unbeatable views and a healthy workout.
  5. Seat stretches. If you don’t want to stop, try some active moves in the passenger seat. Stretch your arms overhead, engage your core and feel a lengthening through your torso. Hold for 10-20 seconds then repeat leaning to the right and left.

Besides getting in more physical activity, it’s also important to eat healthy on the road.  Set yourself up for success by packing water, whole fruit and some healthy homemade snack mix. If you decide to stop at a rest stop or restaurant, plan ahead and make sure you look for healthy options.

For more tips for staying healthy on vacation, visit www.heart.org/healthyforgood